John's tailors is one of the oldest, most highly recognized, recommended, and
awarded tailor shop in Minnesota. Our highly trained Professionals will help you
with all your alteration and custom suit needs. They will work with you so you'll
have the perfect attire for any situation - business, casual, social, or formal. Our
tailors are well-versed in fabrics, style and patterns. They will assist you in
selecting a wardrobe that will compliment you with the finest clothing and the
best value at a price that is comfortable to you. No one else can provide you with
equal price, value, or equal personal service!
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Custom Suits
John's Tailors offers a complete line of custom and made-to-measure executive
apparel. We offer an unparalleled selection in the latest styles, along with
top-notch alteration services. You can choose from more than 500 suit fabrics and
over 250 shirt fabrics. We carry all the accessories for your complete wardrobe,
including hundreds of ties to choose from. Dozens of careful and exact
measurements for both shirts and suits guarantee that every garment is tailored
and fitted to your body style and personal taste.
More than 500 suit fabrics to chose from

We offer a complete line of custom executive apparel

Over 250 shirt fabrics

We will help you find your perfect suit
John's Tailors
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